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TAG Contributor Strategy: What We Get Out of It (and You Could Too!)

KubeCon EU 2023

Catherine Paganini, Buoyant; Dawn Foster, VMware; Nate W., CNCF; Dave Sudia, Ambassador Labs; Josh Berkus, Red Hat; Jay Tihema, ii

Thursday, April 20, 2023

Helping others pays off. The TAG Contributor Strategy’s (TAG CS) mission is to help open source projects succeed. Whether establishing best practices and tips for projects to recruit contributors, govern themselves effectively to stay healthy, scale sustainably and transparently, or mentor others effectively, TAG CS members get something out of it too. Join this panel discussion to hear from TAG CS members what they’ve gotten out of giving, including how it’s shaped their careers, advanced their skills, and grown their own community. And if you are a maintainer and like what you hear, you should join us too!

Youtube: https://youtu.be/t8c_CYSrqaY
Sched: https://sched.co/1HzdC

Mentoring WG & You

KubeCon NA 2022

Nate W., CNCF; Jay Tihema, ii

Wednesday, Oct 26, 2022

Most CNCF projects want to participate in new contributor mentoring programs, but it’s hard to get started – and it’s even harder to be successful. Meet the new Mentoring Working Group, who will help you with information, resources, and peer coaching. We’ll also be introducing an exciting new program. LFX, GSOC, Outreach, and others let you grow and diversity project contributors through mentoring. We’ll talk about the existing programs, how you can get involved, and ways to minimize the work involved. We’ll also review how you can help build up the Mentorship WG to assist all CNCF projects, mentors, and mentees. We’ll also introduce a new regional program, He Waka Eke Noa/HWEN, which is helping New Zealand and Maori students get involved in cloud native without leaving home. This program can serve as a model for new ways to recruit non-traditional contributors. You’ll learn what you need to get started or become more successful in your project mentorship efforts.

Youtube: https://youtu.be/phhqfRz15I0
Sched: https://sched.co/182Mc