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Tangible Interaction Design


Nathan worked as a research assistant for Jason Boileau’s TangiPlay project. “Tangible electronic games are in their infancy of development and there is no prototyping tool appropriate for this field. However, we have developed a proof-of-concept project intended to explore this niche. TangiPlay is a prototyping environment designed for game designers to create tangible electronic games. It consists of tangible tokens, an interactive surface and a user interface tying the whole project together. A user interacts on top of the interactive surface with the physical tokens and receives immediate feedback through the graphical display on the interactive surface.”

Physical Prototype

Roles & Objectives

Nathan’s role in this project included building a set of dice that sensed its acceleration, orientation, and speed, and communicated these back to the controlling system. The dice also took commands sent from the controlling system to change the lighting pattern displayed.

April 2009

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