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About Nate

Doer of Stuff

Nate Waddington (he/him/his) is a Developer Advocate, CNCF, at the Linux Foundation, and works from his home in Vancouver, Canada.

Previously, Nate worked with AKQA San Francisco as a Creative Technologist. There he worked with the Experiential Team—working with the Technology Department, designers, and clients—to build interactive installations for retail spaces, conferences, and other events. His interests extend to interaction design, writing, photography, and of course computing. He is proud of his standing as a Jack of all trades.

Prior to working at AKQA, Nate spent time in the Graduate School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University and has received a Bachelor’s degree from the same program. During his graduate studies, he was primarily interested in everyday design and appropriation (looking at how people who are not trained designers could work with mundane objects and appropriate these things to better suit their needs). Before his university studies, he spent five years as a programmer specializing in embedded systems.

His experience with embedded systems (small devices, usually lacking an operating system) has helped him design many tangible physical projects, as well as mobile devices.

For more information about Nathan and his experience, take a look at his LinkedIn profile, or you can contact him here, he’d be happy to hear from you.